Sunday, 9 July 2017

Unblock Torrent and Extratorrents with New and Safe Proxies

Posted by Vinod Yadav
You can browse blocked websites using proxy sites (for example: But you can never by pass a firewall configured on a server to open extra port for torrenting. Mostly they would be using squid for monitoring and controlling traffic. Its better to avoid doing bank transactions under this firewall as it stores the history and data at the backend.

Only way is, you should get root access to the server and configure squid to open a port for torrenting.

Unblock Torrent and Extratorrents

1) VPN You can use a VPN service to download. There are many VPN services out there that offers the service. Some are free some are paid.
I am using IPVANISH. There are so many reasons for you to avail this service.
a) It can help you unthrottle the speed your ISP has imposed.
b) The download speeds are great.
c) It can help you protect privacy as these companies don't log IP's and Traffic that goes through there servers.
d) It can help you remain anonymous on the internet to an extent and you will not be part of surveillance programs.
e) TOR and VPN will be a deadly combination for anonymity.
f) Use services like Netflix and Spotify from any part of the world.
g) Inexpensive.

2) TOR - Although TOR doesn't recommend to use service for downloading Torrents but it can be used to download torrents. Although I haven't tried it but you will have to manually set proxy and ports

You will get Maximum Download speed your ISP allows. And if you use Internet Download Manager to download torrents then you will get the most of your Bandwidth because IDM can simultaneously download several parts of a file and this makes a faster download experience. Premium accounts gives you 30 streams for a single file that means IDM can split a file into 30 pieces and start download all parts at once. Thus IDM download manager and Filestream premium service can work together to give you highest download speed possible on this earth.